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RHCA Assessments & Payment Options

  • As of January 1, 2020, monthly assessment statements rather than coupon booklets will be mailed or emailed to residents. For questions regarding billing, please contact the HOA management company, Professional HOA Consultants, Inc., accounts receivable department at 619-229-0044 or [email protected] 
  • Set up online payment, if interested, by visiting Alliance Association Bank (AAB). If you need your 10-digit account numbers to register, contact the HOA office at 760-767-1158. Please contact AAB's customer service at 1-844-739-2331 if you encounter any issues during the registration process. 
  • Mail payments to (Please write your complete 10-digit account number on each monthly payment and do not combine payments on one check. Please write two separate checks to ensure that your payments are posted to the correct accounts.): Professional HOA Consultants, Inc. Processing Center, P.O. Box 93153, Las Vegas, NV 89193-3153
  • Please mail your dues directly to the address listed on your monthly statement. If you mail (or drop off) your dues to the HOA office instead of mailing them to the Las Vegas address, it may delay your payment being received by the bank. If we mail your payment for you, your association(s) will be billed for the postage.
  • Payments must be received by the 15th of each month to avoid late fees.

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