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ClubCorp Alliance Club Benefits

ClubCorp Alliance Club Benefits Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

By Amy Shumway, Guest Services Manager


Many of you have questions regarding the ClubCorp Benefits of being a Rams Hill owner. Below are a sample of questions we have encountered and their accompanying answers:

1.     As an Alliance Club member at Rams Hill, how do our members understand/know their benefits and what all is included in their Alliance membership?

Members are able to contact the ClubLine or visit the ClubCorp Network website here

2.    I have a friend who is a ClubCorp member, how do they know they have access to our club or where would they find Rams Hill information so they can visit Rams Hill?

Rams Hill is on the Benefits Finder on the ClubCorp Network advising members our club participates in the Network and we are listed on marketing pieces sent out to members.

3.    What is the name of the membership that Rams Hill members have?

ClubBenefits – pay to play golf, dining, tennis, pool, and fitness.

4.    I have more questions, what is the best way to get more information?

Contact the ClubLine at 800-433-5079; Monday through Friday 9 am-5 pm CST and Saturday 9 am-1 pm CST or visit the ClubCorp website by clicking here

5.    Where do I find my Alliance Club membership number to take advantage of my benefits?

Memorizing your membership number is not necessary to contact the ClubLine, they are able to locate your account by first and last name!

Please note: When visiting the Benefits Finder on the ClubCorp Network website, our club will be listed under the Alliance Clubs section. The list is in alphabetical order and Rams Hills will be found towards the bottom half.


Amy Shumway
[email protected]
760-767-3500 Ext. 8