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Welcome to the Rams Hill Community Association (RHCA) homeowners’ information website.

Established in 1983, the Rams Hill Community is comprised of over 400 units consisting of lots and homes. Homeowners belong to both the master (RHCA) association and one of the following seven sub-associations (a.k.a. neighborhoods):

  1. Carrizo
  2. Casitas
  3. Estates
  4. San Felipe (Rams Hill Golf Course Homesites One)
  5. Santa Fe (Rams Hill Patio Homes Two)
  6. Santa Rosa (Rams Hill Patio Homes One)
  7. Vallecitos

Each neighborhood has its own governing board and documents, including CC&Rs.

The Rams Hill HOA office is not a rental or real estate office. To allow staff to focus on the homeowners and the property, any rental or real estate inquiries will be directed to the websites or companies listed below. Please do not call the HOA office if you have rental or real estate questions.

Since Rams Hill is a gated community, touring is prohibited. To view properties for sale, you must be accompanied either by a real estate agent or by the owner of the home.

For those who are interested in renting at Rams Hill, please visit:

If you’re interested in purchasing at Rams Hill, please visit the Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce website to contact a local agent.

Please feel free to browse the community website, as some of your questions may be answered here. Some content is locked and available for our homeowners only.

If you have any remaining questions, please reach out to one of the local real estate agents in town. If you are currently renting at Rams Hill, please reach out to the homeowner or rental agent that you booked your property from.