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Pet Owner Information

To help avoid violation letters and possible fines, please share the following information with your guests and renters. 

Rams Hill owners may have up to two (2) common household pets (such as dogs, cats, birds, etc.). There are no current restrictions on breed or size. 

Section 6.5.9 of the Rams Hill Community Association (RHCA) CC&Rs states, "The owner of any pet or animal shall be responsible for the immediate removal and clean up of such animal's waste in the Rams Hill Common Areas. The owner of any pet or animal shall at no time allow such animal to run unrestrained on Rams Hill Common Areas or streets, sidewalks or pathway areas of the Rams Hill Community and the owner of such pets shall at all times have full and complete control over such animal. In accordance with this provision, the RHCA Board of Directors shall have the right after notice and hearing to remove any animal from Rams Hill Common Area which it finds to constitute a continuing, unreasonable nuisance to other owners."

If you'd like to let your pet off-leash, the Borrego Springs County Park, located at 2580 Country Club Road (adjacent to the library), has two fenced-in dog areas -- one each for little and one for large dogs.

To report violations (improper waste disposal, noise complaints, or owners who are allowing their pets off-leash while outside of the home), please provide management staff with the following information: who, what, when, and where. Please include pictures whenever possible. Management cannot address an issue if we do not know who caused the problem. Please email [email protected] and [email protected].


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