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Recreation Areas Information

  • The recreation areas are accessible only with a pool fob. There are NO codes for the rec areas. 
  • The recreational facilities may be used between the hours of 7:00 A.M. and 10:00 P.M.
  • Owners or tenants must carry their recreation key fob when using the recreation and common facilities. The key fob should be attached to a metal tag that shows the unit number. This is for identification purposes, to ensure that the person using the rec area is authorized.
  • Homeowners/guests/renters may use only the recreation area in the neighborhood that they reside in. Pool fobs will only work for your assigned rec area. For example, a homeowner in Santa Fe may not use the Santa Rosa Rec Area unless they are a guest of, and are accompanied by, a Santa Rosa homeowner.
  • An owner/resident must accompany guests using the recreational facilities. Homeowners may not “let a guest in” to their rec area and then leave. The homeowner must be with the guest while using the rec area. Multiple violations may result in a hearing and possibly fines.
  • For details regarding the rec area, owners/guests/renters should refer to their neighborhood rules and regulations.
Where is my rec area located? There are three rec areas located within Rams Hill. You must use the recreation area of the neighborhood you reside in. Your pool fob is programmed to your specific rec area and will not allow you access to the other associations' rec areas.  

For rec area locations, please see the information at the bottom of this page. Please note that the following four neighborhoods do not have a recreation area:
  1. Carrizo
  2. Casitas
  3. Estates
  4. Vallecitos
How do I access the rec area? The recreation areas are accessible by key fob only, with the keyfob reader pad located on the rec area gate below the keypad.

What does my key fob look like? Key fobs will look like one of the following and are usually kept on a key ring. If a guest/renter can’t locate their fob, they will need to contact the homeowner or rental agent of that property.


Can I have more than one fob? No. Per the neighborhood associations' rules and regulations, only one key fob per unit is permitted. 

Why isn't my fob working?
The first question to ask yourself is: "Am I at the correct rec area?" Your fob is programmed to work only at the rec area for the neighborhood that you reside in. 

Second question: Are you swiping the key fob on the keyfob reader pad located below the keypad?

If you answered yes to both of these questions and the gate is still not opening for you, please contact the HOA management office at 760-767-1158 for assistance. 

I've lost/damaged my fob; how do I purchase a replacement? Replacement fobs are $100.00, payable by cash or check. If paying by check, it must be made out to your neighborhood association, not RHCA or PHOAC, Inc. Please contact the management office at 760-767-1158 or [email protected] and [email protected] regarding purchasing a replacement fob. Once a replacement fob has been purchased, the prior fob is deactivated. Only one key fob per unit is permitted.  

When are the pools cleaned? Recreation pools and spas are cleaned every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Because the pool cleaners also work for other clients, due to their busy schedules, we do not have the exact times of when the cleaning occurs; we only know which days the servicing takes place.

Per the Rules and Regulations, “In the event the pool and/or spa are occupied upon arrival of the pool/spa maintenance personnel, users may be asked to vacate the area(s) so the servicing may be accomplished. Adjustments to the pool and spa equipment are to be made by authorized personnel only."

Does my rec area contain a heated pool? The following two rec areas contain a heated pool:
  1. Santa Fe (lap pool only)
  2. Santa Rosa

Because the pools are outdoors and lose heat through evaporation, some pool users may find the pools too cool for their liking. Winter pool temperatures are between 81 and 83 degrees. 

Can I purchase a membership to another neighborhood's rec area?
No. The sub-associations do not allow for membership to be purchased by outside residents.